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Eva Interview + Shit Licking And Toilet Slavery - evamarie88 (2017 | FullHD)

I was asked if i would lay myself bare on camera by a lovely person called Kim i refer to him in this video.
I tell you all about my self, My scat story, My limits in videos etc and the things i love.
I then talk about what i expect of one of my subs when there eating my shit.. I tell Kim i want him to receive my shit and lick it and i show him how to do it
There will be a second video to do this where i show him exactly what i want him to do step by step
Dirty panties in my mouth - Brown wife (2017 | FullHD)

How about dirty panties? Oh yeah, I know how you like it! I barely patted up to go home and make this video for you. With great pleasure I filled my panties with cool shit. The scent that stood in the room, I think you can feel and through the computer screen, too)) When my panties were filled with shit, I smeared a little on my ass. I took off my panties and began to lick them with greed! I put a piece of shit in my mouth, and then the panties themselves. Mouth full of happiness))
Would you like to lick my panties in shit? Yes, yes, I know that you want to lick my panties and run the tongue deep into my dirty ass! To soft, warm, magical shit filled all your throat. Mmmm .. it was fun)))
Upskirt Panty Poop, Smear & Cum - BDSMangel (2017 | FullHD)

Outfit: Pink bikini panties, black mini skirt, black lace bralette top & catwoman mask
Listen and watch Me get oiled up and build up being hypnotized by My perfect round ass, in sweet pink panties, waiting for that bulge to appear…
Once you see the poop in My panties it drops out onto the ground, where the fun part really happens.
Lots of natural talking with no persona in particular, just genuine, sweet, Angel!
I get into lots of different positions while I smear My perfect round booty, twerk a little as well, and hump My wand to cum.
A very fun/messy vid to do!!
Real eating shit. My record - Brown wife (2017 | FullHD)

My new video will please many fans! It will appeal to those who love when a long shit, which slowly creeps out of the ass. I tried to do it as slowly as possible so that you could enjoy the moment. Also this video will be very popular with those who like to see how a beautiful girl really eats shit! To begin with, I broke off a small piece of shit, sucked it and swallowed it. Then I broke off a piece of shit of much larger size. It was hard to swallow it, but I did it. This piece is really big – it’s my record! I got great pleasure from being able to eat it))) And this video will be too much for those who like to listen to the girl’s comments while eating shit. I talk a lot and comment on the process. You will hear my velvet voice and a sonorous laughter))
p.s. Ahead still many records;)
White Floral Dress - TinaAmazon (2017 | FullHD)

My ass looks so good in this short little white dress. Watch me show off then bend over and push out a big thick firm shit.
Half Scat Witch HYPNOSIS - SweetBettyParlour (2017 | FullHD)

New awesome special video, with me and my half shit covered hot body!)
In that video i be your personal witch for that halloween nights)) See how i shit big portion of tasty lite-creame and smearing that crap on body, also included pissing, toes sucking and hot masturbation) Stay tuned and check my store for updates) Happy halloween my kittis!)
Mayonnaise and a lot of shit - ModelNatalya94 (2017 | FullHD)

I’m Olga and I really love to arrange for you a variety of dirty lesbian show where we caressed each other’s shit and piss on each other , eat shit each other . This is one of those lesbian show . I’m really Horny and asked her friend to come and visit me . I met my girlfriend completely naked and told her I can’t wait any longer I went into the room and sat on the bed , and Olga pressed record and joined me . Olga appeared in the hands of a pack of mayonnaise I asked what is it you Olga replied know . I lay back and spread your legs and Olga began to caress my pussy, his tongue pushing his fingers to my labia lips , a little Poloskov me Olga opened the Mayo and began to fill my cunt with mayonnaise , and then ass . Olga filled me inside with mayonnaise is something new I thought ) Mayonnaise was out of my pussy and ass as Olga licked it with her tongue and once again he filled my pussy and ass mayonnaise . Olga said that I got cancer on my knees , I did what you ask my friend . Olga climbed on top of me and shit on my ass , her shit mixed with mayonnaise , a large amount of crap she left on my ass , in one word a big pile of shit . Shit slide off my ass , and Olga took a video camera in his hands and began to film me from different angles . I told my friend that I can’t wait any longer and began to shoot mayonnaise with shit from ass and pussy , I piss from my pussy vytikayuschimi mayonnaise , and I shit out of my ass along with the shit coming out mayonnaise . Fucking our whole bed in shit and mayonnaise I sit on a big puddle of shit and urine of mayonnaise and begin to caress her hairy pussy , Oh yeah fuck I’m a slut that wants to not only but fucked and peed and shit on me , I love shit pee , I am your slave , you can do almost everything that pojaleete . I’m all in shit piss and mayonnaise very cool we had a great time .
Licking dirty ass each other - ModelNatalya94 (2017 | FullHD)

I suggested to Olga to play a little Olga agreed , we with Olga all day had diarrhea and I said let’s do so , I will be using a mini enema to fill you air up the ass and you’re farting to shoot diarrhea , and then we’ll switch places , since I was still able to keep the pressure in the ass of liquid diarrhea . Olga lay down on the bed and I stood beside him , and at first I caress the ass of Olga with her tongue , and then take a mini enema and fill my ass Olga air and fills your mouth for the dirty shots , Olga shoots liquid diarrhea with farting , and I begin to lick shit from the ass Olga . I run the air Olga several times and all the time fills your mouth to Olga released my mouth smelly gas and diarrhea . We switched places and now I’m lying on the bed and Olga caresses my clean anus . Olga took a mini-enema and start filling my ass with air and as soon as Olga pulled the enema out of your ass, I explode . Olga framed his face to my and enjoy my shots and liquid diarrhea that runs down my ass . Olga runs me air a few times and I shoot liquid diarrhea with farting and Olga caresses my dirty anus with his tongue .
My dirty ass and rubber cock and diarrhea - ModelNatalya94 (2017 | FullHD)

I entered the room I was wearing underwear in black , I took off my panties and threw them on the floor and lay down on the sofa and opened her legs and began to show you her hairy pussy and beautiful ass . And then I was approached by Olga , she sat beside him and bowed his head and began to caress my hairy pussy , Olga tries to make me feel good , she plays with my Clit . After a little fondling of my clitoris , Olga picks up the rubber dick, and enters me pussy and starts fucking me , playing with my pussy with a rubber member Olga pulled it out and put together , and she got up and I was between her legs . Olga started pushing and then out of your ass Olga started to go shit , Olga shitting and pissing on me , her shit falls on my ass . Olga celebrated their need for me , then Olga sat next to me and started to sniff his shit , and Olga starts to smear shit on my ass . Tightly covering my ass shit . Olga graduated to smear on my ass shit , took a rubber cock and again entered my pussy and it began again to fuck me in dirty shit pussy . I was just in shock from what makes me Olga, it was not in the script of this video I thought ) Olga pulls the rubber cock from my vagina and I continue to touch your Clit with my hand , I masturbated also and then I explode the urine I piss on myself , fuck this show , and together with urine out of my ass pouring diarrhea , Yes that’s it I’m a dirty whore . Fuck me fuck my girlfriend , she shit on me , smeared my shit on my ass , and again fucked me in the cunt , and then I explode with a huge fountain of urine and liquid shit diarrhea .
Vegetable salad plus shit and urine - ModelNatalya94 (2017 | FullHD)

Olga asked me to make a salad , I went to the store and bought some tomato and cucumber , called his girlfriend Olga and she came to visit me . I don’t like to go home in clothes and I suggested to Olga to be completely naked not to wear any clothes , we don’t need it . We sat at the table and I’m in the clear bowl began to chop the vegetables Olga was sitting and waiting for me to make a salad . We spread the salad on plates , then we take turns in shitting and pissing in the bowl in which we had laid out a salad . I and Olga took the napkins from the table and wiped her ass from the shit , then we sat down at the table and picked up the fork and began to eat vegetable salad with shit and urine . We eat and enjoy the cucumbers in the salad goes so well with the shit about fucking is bliss . We throughout video clip eating a salad of vegetables with shit and urine . At the end of the video clip we show you a clean plate on which was the salad . We totally ate shit with tomatoes and cucumbers .
ULTRA Sweet Feet - SweetBettyParlour (2017 | 4K UHD)

Shit Spot – SweetBettyParlour - SweetBettyParlour (2017 | 4K UHD)

Giving shit to each other in the mouth my friend - ModelNatalya94 (2017 | FullHD)

Bottle in my pussy and a lot of shit - ModelNatalya94 (2017 | FullHD)

Cunt Cream, Piss, Shit Eat It! - evamarie88 (2017 | FullHD)

Sports and denim shorts - ModelNatalya94 (2017 | FullHD)

Our Tits are all shit and a mouth full of urine - ModelNatalya94 (2017 | FullHD)

Love to play with my pussy - ModelNatalya94 (2017 | FullHD)