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Getting Slave Hooked On my Shit - LoveRachelle2 (2017 | 4K UHD)

I waste no timing taking a shit on a plate for you, moaning with pleasure as my poop pours out of me. Here’s your meal, slave Are you ready? Ready to belong to me? Mmm, I’m gonna make you eat every piece of this turd You’re gonna become addicted to my shit. When I’m done with you? You’re gonna be begging for me. I don’t even know if you’ll really be a slave after even, more of a worshipper, really You’ll be so sad eating real food after this, because you’d do anything to trade it in for a hot log right out of my stinky oven
But because you are my slave, and because I OWN you, you’re going to eat my shit, no matter how you feel! I don’t care if you get cold feet. Doesn’t matter. All that *does* matter is that you’re going to be eating my shit like a dog. Besides, we both know how much you really want this anyway I think you’ve been dying for my hot shit longer than you’d like to admit. Are you ashamed that you really want to be a toilet? Is it humiliating? That your greatest desire has been to watch my poop push out my hole, and for you to give it a hearty lick? You’re obsessed about poop– MY poop, aren’t you? And when you’re finished eating this up, you’ll be shitting out my shit! Then I suppose you’ll be eating it twice
Now follow along with my instructions, slave. I demand that you eat my shit piece by piece and JUST the way I tell you
Poo acensor - CoupleDirty (2017 | FullHD)

enjoy and relax….. poo in my elevator
Toilet slave swallows shit and urine - Smelly Milana (2017 | HD)

To this meeting, Christina was well prepared – she did not pooping 2 days and ate a lot! She said that today she suffered a lot and farted. At first I drank the urine of Christina, and then took a treat from her anus.
File name: Toilet_slave_swallows_shit_and_urine_-_Smelly_Milana_
7 Days Challenge - EllaGilbert (2017 | HD)

And the wait is finally over!! I’ve succeeded to pass this challenge!! 7 days of no shower and no wiping either. It’s been a rough week for me I must admit. I had to stay indoors and handle my own smell…it was…no words can describe how this week was actually.
This was the 1st and last challenge of this type I accepted lol so hurry up and get urself this video cause its the only one I will ever post.
I will also keep this pair of panties for one week starting today, whoever wants to buy it at the price of $150 can message me ( I can only ship it inside the EU due to customs regulations). U will be the lucky single owner of a 7 days worn pair of panties. 
Enjoy this video, I promise it will blow ur mind 
P.S: U will see how my asshole looks like each day and I also show my load.
Wet farts in jeans - JosslynKane (2017 | FullHD)

I fart again and again in my jeans, some wet and tasty farts. From time to time I show u my thong and i let u smell my shitty ass. Omg my farts smells so bad, i love farting in ur face! Enjoy!
Christinas foot in shit - Smelly Milana (2017 | HD)

Today, Christine has rigidly used my mouth! In the process of eating, Christina struck me with her leg in a jauntish manner, so that my wounds showed up in my mouth (we agreed on this – I wanted to feel it). Shit in your mouth feels much stronger when there are scratches in your mouth. It was so great that at the end it seemed to me that only a few minutes had passed, I was surprised when I found out that it lasted almost 20 minutes!
My Kinky Poo Foot Fetish - evamarie88 (2017 | FullHD)

So I hear you have a foot fetish well I do too…. But its very a kinky poo foot fetish.. I show off my feet in heels and lick my heels and toes, the feeling of my tongue running over my shoes gets me really horny and I peel off my panties and fuck my self hard with my dildo till I cum. I wipe my creamy cum all over my panties then flex my feet in my shoes and push out a big log. I show you it and lick it before putting some on the floor and standing in it the feeling of my warm shit squashing inbetween my toes and onto my soles feels amazing. I then smear more all over my feet and then life my feet up to my mouth and lick my shitty soles
Close contact with Christinas ass - Smelly Milana (2017 | HD)

Christina fed me with her shit. When I swallowed everything, Christina asked me to lick her ass clean!
Crazy Shit Assassin - evamarie88 (2017 | FullHD)

You thought you could drug me Simon And Fuck Me Well Now You are going to PAY!
I switched our drinks over… “Feeling Dizzy, Sleepy?”
Youve messed with the wrong girl this time… Im going to have my wicked way with you and Kill you with my Shit!
But first i want to feel that dick inside of me, i give you viagra till that dick gets harder and i bounce up and down on it.. But your not going to cum.. Your cum my way!
I press my heel into your balls and you hear them burst and then the other one…. hahaha Bet youve never cum like that before.
Stop Crying you pathetic CUNT or il cut your eyelids off with scissors…
Now the fun begins, I piss in your mouth then bend over and push a big thick turd down your throat..
Hmmm Its not working so i get my shit in my hand and fuck your throat with it till you choke…
Seeing those last breaths gives me the best orgasm
Christina fed me with her shit after the holidays - Smelly Milana (2017 | HD)

Today I met Christina for the first time after the holidays. She said that she had not yet gone to the toilet and ate a lot. I ate everything without a trace – it was very tasty!
Messing my white panties with Diarrhea - EllaGilbert (2017 | HD)

Today I exploded in my white lace panties. U can see all that creamy shit go down my legs. I also fuck my ass and let more watery shit flow all over the place… in the end I’m gonn make myself cum while standing in all this beautiful mess
Creamy asshole - JosslynKane (2017 | FullHD)

Custom video request:
“– You start by wearing a sexy outfit (I like black) and sexy shoes. Hair down and makeup, preferably with red lipstick. Take off the shoes and tell the viewer to lick your bare feet, showing your soles to the camera. Suck on your toes. Strip down to just bra and panties. Finger your asshole.
– Fill your ass with whipped cream and push it out with farts and poop. Continue to fill your ass with whipped cream and push it out with more farts and poop.
– Use a dildo on your messy ass, keep filling it up with whipped cream and farting it out. Keep showing your soles to the camera.
– Rub your bare feet in the poop and whipped cream, telling the viewer to lick it off your feet. “
Put Your Tongue To My Turd - LoveRachelle2 (2017 | 4K UHD)

You know, today I have a mission: I’m gonna make you fall in LOVE with my raw, girly shit Oh, and don’t get me wrong, I know this isn’t your very FIRST rodeo–you started off like a beginner would, munching on my scat treats and food mixed with poop, knowing how I slaved over those morsels in your mouth in my kitchen… You liked things like poop twinkies, poo brownies and muffins… But I know you already have a little bit of a TASTE for me… I tease you, farting here and there. Ooh, you a fan of what comes out of this ass? Hee, I bet you are… And today, you’re here to up the ante–you really want more of the Real Thing!
Ooh, I love it! I LOVE turning men like you into full fledged shit eaters Bringing you from my treats all the way to my raw logs of thick shit. You better tell me everything you’re gonna do it it, babe I love knowing there are kinksters like me out there who love shit so much, they’d get my poop in the mail… opening their vacuum sealed package, all that fresh poop of mine laid inside, and they take it… and lick it… and taste it… smear it, and EAT it! I can’t get over it. So many scat lovers out there smelling, looking at, touching, and eating my poop
Today, when you get my shit? All I want you to do is EAT it! And I *love* that you’re going to enjoy my poop SO much! I know I’m doing the right thing with my life by making sure I have a steady supply of hungry mouths to feed Every single one of them is special, and I cannot wait to make you your very own hot, STINKY meal!
I poop out your meal on a plate, blow some farts as I taunt you, and walk you through the process. Come and enjoy this stinky poop with me, you perv
Squirt-Smearing my tits - DianaSpark (2017 | FullHD)

Watch me when im in bathtub, completely naked. I start fucking my pussy with my fingers still I make it squirt all over,mmmm..this makes me shit, so i start shitting ,i play a little with my asshole and make me more shit . I smear the shit all over my boobs this looks like my bra haha , After i show you my dirty bathtub and I walk into shit mmmm, good feeling for my soles.
Mum Farts And Shits In Your Face - evamarie88 (2017 | FullHD)

Watch me tell my son he is in for a punishment for not cleaning his room,
If he wants to live in a filthy smelly mess then I will show him exactly what filthy and smelly mess is..
I Wear tight leather leggings and leather boots and fart in his face non stop, Big loud farts and make him sniff them,
I then bend over and show him my scat hole and fart some more into his face, before pushing out a big fat poo right infront of him.
I show how to lick it and chew before I bend over and smear it on my leather leggings and then I fart some more..
Hope youve learnt your lesson Son
Flat Pooping In Bikini - thefartbabes (2017 | HD)

Laying flat on MY stomach, ready to poop in my bikini.Like I am sun bathing. A lot of messy shit , messy hole, gurgle farts, cock teasing.
New girl Christina pooping in toilet - Smelly Milana (2017 | HD)

I met this sports girl on facebook. Her name is Christina, she is 22 years old, height is 172 cm, breast size is 2. She said she was pooping every morning. She has an excellent consistency of shit for swallowing – not too hard and not too liquid. In the process of pooping, she silently and sexually farts! I hope that in the near future I will persuade her to come to my studio and shit me in the mouth. I’m looking forward to when I can taste the taste of her shit in my mouth.
Fart Jeans Till Poop - thefartbabes (2017 | HD)

I am farting till poop in my favourite jeans, peeing lot