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Anal & Pussy fisting on V’day - EllaGilbert (2017 | HD)

What can be better than anal for V’day? Anal fisting of course! I chose to make my asshole really wet and wide open this V’day.
I start by fingering it nice and slow, getting it in the mood hehe U can see how wet it gets after a few mins only. U will hear me moaning loud as I tell u how good it feels. At the end I’m gonna cum really hard as I punch fist my lovely rosebud.
Were u thinking anal is all u get for V’day? Oh my dear, its time to stretch my bloody pussy too I’m gonna push my lovely fist inside there too and when it gets nice and red I’m gonna smear that blood on me, including my face at the end of the video!
Cum with me!
Extreme smearing in Extreme Heels - EllaGilbert (2017 | FullHD)

I enter the room wearing a latex dress. I take off my panties and spread my ass a couple of times. With my ass facing the cam I shit my heels a bit and then put them on. I love the feeling when my creamy warm shit gets between my toes. I finger my ass and get some more shit out which I smear all over my legs. Its time to get ur cock deep inside my still full of shit asshole so I start riding my big toy. The more I ram my asshole the more shit comes out and I continue smearing it all over my heels and legs. After 15 mins I’m gonna take my dress off and completly cover my body with shit.
I’m gonna fist fuck my ass now untill I cum really hard but I wont allow u to cum just yet cause after I cover my pretty face in shit I’m gonna suck on ur full of shit dick till u fill my mouth up with cum.
Feet fetish skype show - EllaGilbert (2017 | FullHD)

This skype recording is perfect for feet lovers. U can see me completly cover my feet in my creamy delicious shit
Shiting on ur cock - EllaGilbert (2017 | HD)

At the beginig of this clip I’m gonna make u think this is a soft and and gentle ass fuck video…wearing a sweet light purple lingerie I’m gonna tease u with my lips as I smoke a cig, with my ass as I pull it open but then I go str8 to what u like the most: riding ur huge perfect cock making it all dirty with my creamy warm shit. I’m gonna let u fuck my ass for almost 30 mins untill it gets all dirty and open.
I know how much u like licking and sucking my asshole clean so I’m gonna make u crowl and do it a few times, covering ur face with my shit, ass and pussy juice.
Fuck me, empty me! - EllaGilbert (2017 | HD)

Today I’m gonna shit all over ur cock once again. After I covered it completly, I started raming my asshole slow and deep taking everything out. U know how much I love it when u leave me all empty so I ask u to lick and suck on my asshole several times as I open it up, fart and push my pink flower out in different positions.
My orgasm was so intense that I peed myself at the end.
Enjoy and lets cum together!!
7 Days Challenge - EllaGilbert (2017 | HD)

And the wait is finally over!! I’ve succeeded to pass this challenge!! 7 days of no shower and no wiping either. It’s been a rough week for me I must admit. I had to stay indoors and handle my own smell…it was…no words can describe how this week was actually.
This was the 1st and last challenge of this type I accepted lol so hurry up and get urself this video cause its the only one I will ever post.
I will also keep this pair of panties for one week starting today, whoever wants to buy it at the price of $150 can message me ( I can only ship it inside the EU due to customs regulations). U will be the lucky single owner of a 7 days worn pair of panties. 
Enjoy this video, I promise it will blow ur mind 
P.S: U will see how my asshole looks like each day and I also show my load.
Anal & Vaginal Beauty Ritual - EllaGilbert (2017 | HD)

This is the 1st video of this type I ever done and posted.
I start by standing on my toilet and clean my vagina and asshole ( exactly in this order) with camomile tea. Now that both of them have been spoiled I’m gonna move into the kitchen and start fucking and fisting my asshole while moaning and screaming of pleasure and also describe the way fucking my ass with a huge toy feels like.
I will make myself cum on that huge toy but u shouldnt cum just yet cause I want you to spray your cum all over my fisted and wide opened asshole.
P.S: I accepted a 1 week challenge of pooping and peeing without wiping and not shower either, are u curious to see how my panties are gonna look and smell like? Me too haha
Extreme Body Smearing - EllaGilbert (2017 | HD)

Wearing a latex dress I take a shit in my extreme white high heels ( Pleaser Flamingo 809 white) and then put them on enjoying the way my shit spreads all over my feet and toes.
After a few mins I’m gonna smear my shit all over my legs and ass. For more than 15mins I’m gonna fuck my tight asshole with one of my biggest toys and right before I make myself cum I smear the remaining shit all over my belly, chest and face. After I cum, I’m gonna give ur dirty cock one sensual lick tasting my delicious shit 
Cum with me and let’s have a great NY Eve together!
Happy New Year!!
Milk Enema and Phisting - EllaGilbert (2017 | FullHD)

Milk Enema and Phisting - EllaGilbert (2017 | FullHD)

Ella Gilbert - Triple Anal Extravaganza - EllaGilbert (2017 | FullHD)

Ella Gilbert - curly blonde opens her ass up wide - Ella Gilbert, EllaGilbert (2017 | FullHD)

Baseball bat - EllaGilbert (2017 | FullHD)

4 days worn panties - EllaGilbert (2017 | FullHD)

Ive been wearing this pair of panties for exactly 4 days. Ive been working out in them, drove for 360km,slept in them and after all these, I stuffed them deep inside my pussy and cum all over. U can see how strong that orgasm was in the video. This way Im sure they’ve got all my intimate fragrance and my pussy juices flavour ??
One way of shipping goods - EllaGilbert (2017 | SD)

Extreme Bodyandface Smearing - EllaGilbert (2017 | FullHD)

Pooping My Pink Pantyhose - EllaGilbert (2017 | FullHD)

Chocolate - EllaGilbert (2017 | FullHD)

Mmmm the touch of silky warm chocolate on my body makes my body shake, so horny!! I pour it all over my body, get down on the floor and start fucking my pussy and my ass with a shampoo bottle. Stretching my asshole makes all the shit come out all warm and soft, perfect to pe smeared all over my ass, tits and legs ??
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